Programs for Extraordinary Living

At any given moment can you say I am HAPPY, I am HEALTHY? These are the moments of your life.  What are you doing with them?  How often have you let them slip away? What is the price you and the people you love have paid for not following the truth of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT.
The moment is given.  Our time, our moments soon accumulate to be a lifetime.
We are given a chance to participate, to have conscious choice in each moment. To Dream our DREAM.
We can choose to participate or not. Life keeps life-ing. It does not stop to wait for our individual decisions.  Each of us holds a powerful place in creating what the moment will be.
Life Waits for No One, Yet Depends on Everyone
CAN YOU SAY:I am committed to FULLY EXPERIENCING the moments I am given.
I am totally committed to PARTICIPATING in creating the results of my life.
If you say yes to these things, you are ready — it’s time to get on board.
The aim of the Results Program is TOTAL RESULTS, not just a limited improvement in one area of life, but growth as a whole being. Results show up in four general areas of life: health, relationships, creativity (work), and spirituality.  If one wanders through a bookstore, it is apparent that most everything on the shelves fits into one of these categories.
The moments of your life can be lived most fully if these four areas of life simultaneously have extraordinary results.  A healthy body, good looks, and a long physical life don’t necessarily indicate an extraordinary life experience.  Empty relationships, a hard heart, or lack of success or happiness in work undermines the results of a healthy body.  Yet success and happiness in relationships, work, and spirit seldom become extraordinary without good health. The same holds true with work.  What good is great economic results if work consumes one to the point where health is compromised, relationships are lost, and the spirit is left empty?  Once again, extraordinary results only come if all four areas are in balance, all serving each other in creating results which allow us to become more than we had dared to DREAM. To be fully participating in the whole of life; each and every moment becomes a path to total results in moving from the ORDINARY to the EXTRAORDINARY. It is a choice only you can make of your free will.  If you are asking someone to do it for you, or force you, or convince you, or lecture you to do it, don’t bother. It is YOU who must decide. It is YOU who must make the commitment. Others can and will assist you. If the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

CAN YOU SAY:I am CLEAR and COMMITTED to go the distance, to Do Whatever It Takes, to move out of my present life circumstances.
(1) I am willing to open myself to TEACH and to be TAUGHT.
(2) I am willing to accept that I exist in a LIMITLESS universe where the
only limits are those I see in myself.
(3) I am willing to DREAM, and choose my reality.

The RESULTS PROGRAM is a series of four games which usually are played sequentially. They are a unique gathering of your peers; those who want to look beyond what is, to WHAT CAN BE. Each person is a unique being whose life experience has brought them to the reality they see at this moment in health, relationships, work, and spirit.


As one participates in “POSSIBILITIES,” a realization will emerge unique to that person. This realization allows one to see life on a grander scale and how he or she can participate in a way which would enhance the results of their life. For some, this may be all they want. For most, this is only the beginning. Once a conscious opening to new possibilities is realized, you may ask, “How can I break through to a greater realization of my potential?”


“BREAKTHROUGH” is the next seminar offered to those who wish to delve further for greater results. “BREAKTHROUGH” is an intense game. Participants are asked to look deeply at long-held beliefs and attitudes. Emotions many times emerge as one considers the impact these things have had on their past and how it may affect their future. Students many times discover a need to let go of long held opinions about themselves and others. The experience can feel confrontive to the student as his personal fears rise to the surface. Finishing this game leaves one feeling invigorated and intensely motivated to go on with life in a mode of positive growth. Health, relationships, worK and spirit are all impacted by this INTENSE PERSONAL LOOK AT ONE’S LIFE.

After each seminar, the student may wish to stop for a while, to sit back and let the realizations they have experienced settle in. This is a most critical time for the student. The black hole of the past soon begins to tug at the newly discovered. One may slide back, but the student can never go completely back. He can only slip so far, then regain his foothold, and move forward again. When he is ready to move, the third game is offered. For those who are totally committed, there is a natural progression from “POSSIBILITIES” to “BREAKTHROUGH” and “RESULTS”.


The “RESULTS” program is about exactly what it says – RESULTS. This is an eight to 12-week program and ends in a two-day meeting. The line which delineates student from teacher begins to dissolve as participants enter into a contract to inspire and assist each other to realize new and greater results in the four basic areas of concern. Goals are set by each person in health, relationships, work, and spirit. Over a period of weeks the entire group together pushes, assists, loves, does whatever it takes so that every person achieves the goals they have set. These weeks are filled with every range of the human experience. Love, Anger, Excitement, Wonder, Fear, the whole of who you are becomes involved in helping everyone on your team to become a greater. It’s simple: SET GOALS AND ACCOMPLISH THEM. At the end of the games there is a celebration night, an elegant dinner; all dressed to honor the accomplishments of their team. This is the crescendo of the three-game series.


It is a most incredible journey through these games. Many lifelong friendships, as well as business associations can develop from the relationships initiated within the group. The games are simply an opportunity for you to be who you DREAM you can be, to be given a chance to drop the mask worn day-in and day-out, to find you are not only accepted, but loved just as you are.


The last opportunity is open to those who want to give back what they have received. Opportunities to SERVE as staff or within one’s chosen life work are open to those who are motivated to become more deeply involved in evoking the greater person which lies within. Here more than anywhere, one discovers the wisdom and growth of being the eternal student. Teachers are students who either are interested in arguing their position and staying where they are, or are aware and open to listen and learn the lessons life sets before them and then move accordingly. The curriculum is given every moment of every day.


The Games Are Open, Are You?

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